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Reddit Post-Sex Routines

After You Finish In Bed, You Immediately Do __________, Right?

Lots of people talk about exactly what they get upward to during sex. The act by itself as well as the prelude top up to it’s rather a total supply associated with exhilaration, drama plus nerve-racking Netflix choices. Nevertheless what happens following you’ve completely bumped? Recently, Reddit (the source associated together with all great reportage) got people inside order to think about in upon their particular “post sexual sex routine. ”

In a thread, which often usually amassed above two hundred remarks, users discussed their particular “we simply got sex! ” routines, which variety coming from “pee instantly, ” having their very own S. O. lightly play with their particular flaccid penis (this was surprisingly common) and downing water and moving inside to get a hug, although possibly viewing Benedict Cumberbatch within Sherlock. No view.

The highest comments, several, was food-related:

Consume Diet Softdrink. I pretty very much always have that on hand, in addition to I’m thirsty following gonna boner area. – AnMatamaiticereoirUa Im not exaggerating. Typically the greatest moment regarding my life had been me sitting inside bed watching Bob’s Burgers with a new Publix chicken sensitive sub soon after wonderful sex and also a warm, big-boobed chick sleep naked close to myself. It’s been 2 years and I continue to have not recently been able in buy to recapture of which instant. – dmkicksballs13 Nicely I’ve simply simply recently misplaced the virginity, in addition to all of us all ordered a pizza from then on. After of which we snuggled as well as watched whatever provides been on TV SET. Let me tell a new person, acquiring a french fries location at just one FEEL is challenging. — Undecided_User_Name Generally We visit Taco Bells. – haygrlhay What is your go-to post-boner jam routine? Head to AskMen’s GuyQ platform to inform us. For… technology.

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