Russian Mail Order Brides – Pros and Cons of Marrying Slavic Dream

Russian Brides 

Social media sites and amazing online dating apps and services unite people all over the world. Lonely men have won a lot of hearts of foreign women. Moreover, every day for at least a thousand of couples meet and start long-term relationships with the help of the Internet and other modern technologies. Be one of the men that have successfully overcome their fear of women of other countries and have fallen in love with gorgeous Russian brides. 

Not many know that Slavic singles are also eager to meet and date foreign guys. They often become tired of poor treatment and look for a man that is ready to take care of them. Read this short overview to learn what the main characteristics of a brides from Ukraine

Russian Mail Order Brides Characteristics

Russian beauties are quite popular among single men. A lot of foreigners dream about coming to Russia and winning their own Russian mail order bride. Why are men so interested in Slavic girls? The mystery solved below! 

They Are Loyal

Russian wives are ready to forgive men after every argument and be with them until the very end. Slavic beauty understands that a husband is the main figure in the family and is afraid to lose him. She tries to do her best to keep the house warm and clean and surprise her hubby with tasty dinner and stunning makeup looks. 

Russian Girls Are Hardworking

Slavic wives are known for their passion to build a career or a happy family. In both ways, women try to work hard and dedicate all their time to achieve the main goals of their lives. They are ambitious and determined, however, they prefer spending time with their family rather than at the office. 

They Are Good Mothers

It’s common for Russians to be family-oriented and spend a lot of time with children. Slavic mothers will do anything to get their kids the best education, best benefits, and perfect life. At the same time, they do a good job in making their children decent and interesting people. 

Russian Dating Culture

Dating a mail order bride is a pleasant and amazing experience. From the very beginning, Slavic girls are ready to keep you full and warm. They are always around to hug you and make you a nice dinner. However, at the same time, you need to be attentive and show that you are interested in her. If you are respectful, generous and kind, a Russian woman will be a loyal wife that will take care of you and your children. 

In Russia, women think about marriage earlier than men. From the very childhood, girls plan their wedding and think about their future husbands. That’s why it’s quite easy to find a foreign wife that is young and full of dreams.  

Russian Brides Dating Tips

If you’re interested in dating Russian girl, take a look at the best Russian women dating tips. Many guys don’t know how to date a girl, because they didn’t find any information before or just didn’t try to use it in practice. After all, if you wish, you can learn how to date the best and most beautiful girls, even if you are not ideal for them.

These tips will help you learn how to date Russian women, where to start and what you need to know to become a perfect boyfriend. In fact, everything is simpler than you think, you just need to try! 

Meeting a Russian Bride

In our big world, there are many ways and methods of dating: traveling, visiting events, online services. Obviously, it all takes a lot of time, but you’ll be really happy when you meet the one. When you see her, you will immediately understand the best ways to get to know her and you won’t need any special knowledge and skills. You’ll feel the connection and the bond that gets stronger with each conversation.

Learn how not to be afraid to meet girls on the street or write them in chats on online dating platforms. To date a Russian woman, you just need to be brave and determined guy.

Think Less, Act More

Set a goal to chat with three pretty Russian girls today. The brain might continue to tell you that you are afraid and make you give up. Turn off your mind temporarily and just relax and enjoy an interesting conversation. Remember that a lot of guys fear that the most beautiful girls will reject them, that’s why, if you have the courage to talk to her, you will have a chance to meet perfect Russian women for marriage. After all, girls, as well as guys, have problems with their personal lives and they are constantly looking for a soulmate. Also, if you calm down and think about these fears, you’ll understand that there is no reason to be afraid at all. Moreover, if one girl refuses to date you, there are plenty of fish in the sea. 

Be Successful 

It doesn’t mean that you have to be a wealthy businessman to make a Russian bride fall in love with you. All girls want to meet the strongest and best guys. Therefore, if you want to date a stunning lady, you need to become better than the other guys and then the girl herself will try to win you.

Be Cheerful and Show Affection 

Every one can love and date girls. You just need to be yourself and become a better version of yourself every day. Be the first one to write a message, as women are afraid to make the first step too. 

Therefore, to get a girlfriend, you need to be yourself, develop confidence and courage, and meet new single Russian ladies every day and communicate with them. Then it will become easier for you and you will meet a bride of your dream.

But do not waste time on those girls who do not have a desire for a long and serious relationship. You will regret that you wasted your precious time on them. Most international online dating sites offer an opportunity to meet women that are interested in a long-term relationship. 

Surprise Her with Gifts 

It should be noted that it’s important to use your creativity and imagination when choosing a gift for a Russian woman. Check out all the tips listed below and do not forget that women appreciate unusual gifts.


Of course, flowers can be given as the main gift (then the bouquet should be large and beautiful). Also, you can surprise your beloved one with red roses as a sweet addition to the main gift.


If you’re not on a tight budget, give a woman a piece of jewelry. Obviously, she will like a ring or necklace made of gold with precious stones (for example, diamonds). This is the classic accessory that any woman would like to have. Also, if you don’t have enough money for this kind of jewelry, check out silver accessories. 


Gift her a real pleasure – a certificate for visiting the SPA complex. A Russian woman likes it when you appreciate her beauty and health.

Portrait. Surf the Internet to find a talented artist and order a portrait of your beautiful girlfriend. 

Tickets to the Cinema or Theater

Russian girls like watching movies! Find highly-anticipated premieres and order the tickets in advance to surprise your woman. 


Trips are impossible to resist. Any woman would love to go on a tour. It doesn’t have to be an expensive trip, but it is important to find out whether she’ll be free during this time. 

Gift Certificate

This kind of gift is gaining popularity. Most stores now have such certificates. You can please a woman with a certificate for cosmetics, beauty shops, clothes, dancing classes. 


This beautiful and user-friendly modern device will be truly appreciated by any book lover. The list is endless. It does not matter what you will choose as women just love the attention and are really glad when you show affection. You can also purchase something that is associated with your country. It’s always a good idea to share the traditions of your own culture to get to know each other better. 

Best Dating Sites to Look for Russian Women for Marriage

Online dating is one of the most affordable options to date a Russian lady. Trip to Russia is quite expensive and takes a lot of time and looking for a Slavic bride locally is really hard. That’s why most people choose to create an account on a dating site – Unfortunately, a lot of online dating platforms are known for fake and scam accounts that spoil the experience. The following list includes legit and real profiles of the most beautiful Russian singles. The registration takes less than 5 minutes and the interface is easy to use.  

  • – welcome bonuses, dating tips, and 24/7 help;
  • – huge base of hot Russian brides and improved algorithm that ensures 100% precise match; 
  • – low prices, free basic features, and amazing layout; 
  • – safety tips, instant chat, polite and friendly customer support representatives;  
  • – video calls, advanced search, and verified accounts.

Choose the one that suits your needs best and get ready to take a journey of a lifetime. 


Russian brides are loving, caring a mail ordered wives and amazing mothers. Any men would sell the world to get to know a Slavic woman. Don’t miss your chance and use the benefits of modern technologies to date a girl from another country. Online dating is an absolutely legal and fast way to meet a woman of your dreams. So what are you waiting for?